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Lip enhancement

There are products available specifically to enhance the definition and volume of lips.Amanda beforeSusan after

An application of 1ml of filler will give a subtle increase in definition and volume,a second application of 1ml would result in a fuller and more pronounced appearance.

A combination of lip enhancement and Botulinum toxin is effective at
reducing peri-oral (e.g. smokers) lip lines.

Other treatments routinely provided include those for lines from the nose to mouth
(nasolabial lines) and from mouth to chin lines (marionette lines).

These procedures typically last from 6-9 months depending on the product used.
Deeper volumisation of the cheek area is now available to replace the loss of the
supporting structures of the face and produce a subtle lifting effect which may last up to 18 months.

None of the products used at Kirkcudbright Dental Surgery are permanent and have extensive scientific support.

We strive to ensure that our treatments are as pain free as possible and will offer you a complimentary dental local anaesthetic so that the area being treated is completely numb.

If you wish to discuss dermal fillers, please contact us to arrange a consultation.







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