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Microneedling with Dermapen and PRP – Facial rejuvenation

Compared with similar devices and even the earlier versions of Dermapen, the Dermapen 3 features an improved ergonomic design and comes with a more powerful motor that enables it to run longer in a clinical setting without the risk of overheating. In addition, this newest edition eliminates the pain and discomfort usually associated with microneedling, providing a fast, comfortable treatment

Dermapen 3 includes novel features that maintain sterility during treatment. The single use Microderm needle tip is discarded after each use, and a sheath covers the device throughout the actual procedure. Since no console or other hardware accompanies the Dermapen 3, treatment speed and needle depth can be changed simply with the operator’s hand, removing the possibility of any cross contamination.

We draw some of the patient’s blood which we centrifuge it in the surgery and massage on the remaining platelets and plasma to stimulate growth factor within the skin. After four to six treatments performed every two to four weeks, patients see their skin has visibly changed. It is tighter, the colour is more even and minor scars are less noticeable.

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